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Element Songtext

Apply my pen, many live a life but they die within
I wonder will you try again
I be blown away like leaves in the wind
Lookin' back at my past that was seasoned with sin
I contemplate my fate for the nickel plate to my face
Like fuck it if this is hell then heaven must await
You can't imagine all the pain I feel
Yet think about all the blood that spilled
Over conflict diamonds and the thugs that kill

For no apparent reason but the busted will
People tell me not to share my thoughts
I got the world on my shoulders like I bear the cross
Hear what I speak it's so deep I tear in my sleep
I never knew serenity could make a sound so sweet
So give me that nightmare and I'll exchange it for a remedy
Last throughtout the centuries like a beethoven symphony

I am man suffering
Must occur for me to win
We are one
We will strive
We live now
We will rise
I will never give up ever

Listen to my voice and listen to this song
Tell me what I can't do and I could prove you wrong

I'm in a place where they disgrace race cause hate is great
Hopefully they can cope with peace for greater days
Too many things on my mind at one time
Still in the dark trying to find the sunshine
While I'm breaching I can feel the reaper reaching
Through these speakers trying to tell me death is freedom
I think people underestimate potential my mental suspenseful

I could change the world through a pencil
For that do I need a college degree
Because I never met a scholar who was smarter than me
I think I was put here to be all I can be
Or maybe it's the artist in me
But honestly I'm as hard as can be
While the rich get richer the poor still starvin to eat
They should have a war on poverty out on these streets
Because they still spilling blood over them seas


Listen to my voice and listen to the song

Tell me what I can't do and I can prove you wrong
Tell me what I can't do and I can prove you wrong


The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step
That's nine hundred and ninety nine left for the quest
I'm the kind of man mankind couldn't define
Hate is blind and love is also the same
Cause what gives you joy also gets you pain
And what gives you life also gives you death
And what gives you right also gives you less
So what's the meaning of life
You give meaning to life
Meaning that life is what you make it
Hold on it's sacred
It's only difficult if you make it

This is dedicated for those who never made it
And the unborn children keepin' in rotation


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