The Milgram Experiment Songtext
von I Am the Manic Whale

The Milgram Experiment Songtext

We will pay fifty dollars for one hour of your time.
It's a scientific study of memory and learning.
Are you aged between 21 and 52?
Just fill out the form, we'll send the information through.

The men sat down in a room one at a time.
They asked the questions and wait for the reply.
Just press the button every time the answer's wrong.
Increase the voltage each time you move along.

How far will you go if you're not culpable?
How far can you be pushed? You're not responsible.
How far will you go? You're not accountable.
How long will you go on?

Will they stop? Will they painfully refuse?
Or will they shock? Pressing on against their will.
They hear the screams and the banging on the wall.
But they are assured no long term harm is caused at all.

Their obedience tested to the limit now.
And submission to a higher authority.
"Just following orders", the cry is ages old.
Are they to blame, simply doing what they're told?

Please continue
The experiment requires that you continue
It is absolutely essential that you continue
You have no other choice. You must go on

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