Long Goodbyes Songtext
von I Am Not Lefthanded

Long Goodbyes Songtext

The streets outside are glistening
I find I'm barely listening
As you try to smile
I sigh
Another word would floor me,
You loathe me and adore me
And I've changed your life
I hate long goodbyes

My feet trip on your dances
Of all the great romances I wish
You'd passed me by
I check your eyes
For any sign they've misted
My stomach's cold and twisted
As the stony skies
I hate long goodbyes

Long grass will hide
My last reply
Where long grass grows
Is where I'll let go

And I might forget the meanings and the mistakes
And I might regret cause the devil's in your details
But I can't accept that you might want it this way
So I'll go confess and tell it to the north east wind...

Long grass will hide
My last reply -
I'll bury deep
The thoughts I keep
This city's found
On solid ground
Where long grass grows
Is where I'll let go.

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