Lifeless Songtext
von Heritage

Lifeless Songtext

We're all fucking lifeless

We're all so lifeless, such a fucking mess
I can't see reason to outstay our welcome
I've never been proud of the fact
That I come from a place
So willing to self-destruct
A running joke with no punch line
In time we all fade to black

The curtain will close, the show must end
For that's how all comes to pass
We're apathetic, clueless to where we truly lie in the food chain

Our lives have become a hollow shell
Of the way we were meant to be
Our place on this earth is a mystery
We must unite to be truly free.
We all die alone

Our lives are shallow
Our words are hollow
We're living in hell
Created by ourselves
This self-delusion that were eluding our fates
The end is written in stone
We will expire, life with a sell by date
We all die alone

Our lives have become a hollow shell
Of the way we were meant to be
We're persisting, existing, futility
When will we wake up and see?

We all die alone
We're all fucking lifeless
We all die alone.

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