Y’all Don’t Want War Songtext
von Hell Rell

Y’all Don’t Want War Songtext

You hear me son?

[Hell Rell]
Geah! You already know
Shotty you got 'em with this one
Hell Rell, DipSet (c'mon)

[Chorus: Hell Rell]
Y'all niggaz don't really want a war man (nope)
Cause I'll bring the shit to your door man (damn right)
I'll have your family pickin up some coffins (let's go)
That's what you get for fuckin with a boss man

[Hell Rell]
Yo, I went from, drastic measures to drug measures
Coke price high like my mom's blood pressure
Beatin a nigga half to death that's a thug's pleasure
You up North writin your girl all type of love letters
Baby when I get out, me and the streets is through
When I come home it's just about me and you
I'm in the cell next to you like - you sucker for love!
When I get out, I'ma pump me some drugs
Recruit me some thugs, have these niggaz pitchin in the streets
So hungry they got saliva drippin from they teeth
And yeah I'm feedin 'em so they listenin to me
You stick a nigga up we call it fishin in the sea
We use a bitch for the bait, throw her in the water
Wait for a nigga to hook her and then his ass is a goner
My life is based around bricks of marijuana
I teach these lil' niggaz how to get rich on the corner

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

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