Never Does Songtext
von Head for the Hills

Never Does Songtext

He's been shut in and cast out
With no light to cast the shadow of a last doubt.
He feels inadequate mad at being the class clown
Looking at her thinking she's too good for a bad spouse.
When they first met he was on the fast route
Sitting high atop the saddle of a cash cow
That's how they watched everything crash down
I'm throwing boulders through the windows of his glass house.

He follows instincts he still has yet to trust
He thinks we shouldn't let emotions get the best of us
So every second's spent forgetting who he ever was
You'd think it'd make him feel better - it never does.

She's been thrown away and left at home
She sets the table, her melancholy sets the tone
With buckled shoulders she's been carrying a heavy load
So he won't greet her with a temperamental episode.
She starts to wonder why they headed down this endless road
Employment hours may have lessened, the stress has grown
I'm trying to save her from a hell that only heaven knows
As she turns into a withered pile of flesh and bones

She follows instincts she still has yet to trust
She scribbles franticly forgetting what the lesson was
She can catch a better buzz if it ever comes
She's waiting on a lost letter that never does

Now that I've given up and settled down
I found a better paying job in a better town
I've got a better house, better way to get around
For worse or better every king wears a heavy crown
So every hour I spend wishing I hadn't left
Is just another destiny I couldn't manifest
A frantic mess, wishing that it mattered less
Always knowing there's no cure for a man obsessed.

I followed instincts I still have yet to trust
I should'a known that we were more in lust and less in love
Nightly I increase the pressure 'til the stress is numb
I wish it helped me to forget her – it never does.

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