The Sound of Science Songtext
von Harry Callaghan

The Sound of Science Songtext

Hello, subject three, nine, ten
We've come to test with you again
Because there are quotas that we aren't keeping
We'll never meet them if you're left sleeping
And if the Samba themes we beamed into your brain
Still remain

It's just the sound of science

We kept you dreaming peaceful while
We buffed our sea of gleaming tiles
'Neath our heartless master's watchful eye
You'll cheat death for us to analyse
Or you'll be stabbed by the spikes of a moving wall
That crush your skull

That's just the sound of science

And when you think you've braved them all
You'll find ten thousand chambers more
And though we're not sure what the data means
You'll face acid pits and laser beams
As machine guns ring and turrets sing your name
As they take aim

It's just the sound of science

Fire your portal gun in vain
Each doorway leads back whence you came
Hear our words and try to understand
We do what we must because we can
And when you're bested by our tests and left to fall
As do they all
You heed the call of science
One by one they bowed and prayed
For the chocolate cake she made

And should you reach the day your science is done
You'll assume the party position
And be escorted to the room full of cake
And definitely not full of flames
But if there's pain
Your screams are just the sounds of science

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