Healer / Deceiver Songtext
von Harbinger

Healer / Deceiver Songtext

Trained for all his life to save the sick and diseased
His mask will keep him free from plagues
But how long can he save himself for?

The brink of madness is never far out of reach
Compiling sadness until feeling incomplete

Standing on the edge of reality
Waiting for the end to insanity

Sustained his life, with sacrifice of thousands of souls
He hangs his head, remembers the dead
No shame for self gain

No shame for self gain
Increasing the levels of evil inside, a good man no longer resides

These sacrifices are evil
The greed for knowledge is no excuse
They're evil

Although he devoted his life to
saving lives, he took more than he can count
This changes a man deep down inside
The beast will release this shell of a man crumbles

A healer of great renown
The Fascination of life conquering secrets
The desire for immortal life
Maddening, experimenting
His soul tampered, watching him struggle, urging the cravings
An immortal body with a sullied soul
The greed for knowledge no longer hidden

Releasing the killer
The greed for knowledge no longer hidden
Release the killer

Starving for more, the hunger never ends
The greed for knowledge, it never ends

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