Manticore Songtext
von H8_Seed

Manticore Songtext

The clouds rolling overhead block out all the light
The twisting trees and branches are an ominous sight
You know that something's watching, hear a howl in the night
And beneath your calm exterior you tremble with fright

Your legs begin to shake, and your tail starts to sway
You feel its hunger for you as you try to hide your dismay
You think you might be able to keep the beast at bay
But heed your better judgment; you know it's unwise to stay,


A mighty bellow signals that the hunt has commenced
You start to hoof it, bending to your own common sense
You know no one's around to help you mount a defense
And as you run, the air you're breathing starts to get dense

You try not to stumble, legs aquiver with fear
And all its vicious snarling is like a gun in your ear
Adrenaline numbs your body as it kicks into gear
You see your peaceful village and you finally think you're clear


Run from the Manticore
It senses your fear
So there's nowhere to hide, now

It's a creature like no other before:
A feral killing machine
So you should stay inside, now

Cower before the Manticore
Under cover of night
It'll beat you til you're black and blue

A terrifying carnivore;
You better watch your back because
It's gonna make a filly out of you

You loose a cry for help as you duck into town
You feel the massive tremors when its paws hit the ground
Your fellow ponies wake from the cacophonous sound
But no one tries to save you from the monster inbound

You collapse, exhausted from your perilous hike
The realization hits you that your head's on a pike
You bow before the manticore with tears in your eyes
You close your eyes in horror as you wait for its blow to strike


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