How It’s Done Songtext
von GoldLink

How It’s Done Songtext

Having fun until the morning and I fuck you till you cum
And I run from state to state and tap that ass up like a drum
I'm a problem, pussy monster, eat your cobbler
I conquer, like your mama, you so proper

Lately, have you been thinking about me?
I'd lust you and I know I'm everything you need
Don't fall girl, this ain't lovin'. We just humpin'
Baby, have you been thinking about me?

Black nigga with a white ho
Dick to the face, might choke
Pop off with a ghetto ass
95 straight to the telegraph
Nigga, do the math
GoldLink with a pop pop
All my niggas yellin whop whop
Shoot down, make you dance, nigga
Church nigga with a church stomp
This that type of song that make you dance up in the mirror shit
Twerking for a purpose get your workout on the floor and shit
Pop and lock and drop it and perform it on some circus shit
Bend it over to the floor and shake it on some flirtin' shit

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