Slo Mo Songtext

Slo Mo Songtext

It really seems we′re stuck in slo mo
And all the frequencies have
Shifted to the red, you know
Distractedly we go go
Ignore the warning signs and
Barrel forward head down

Once we had something better
The future like an orb did shine
But now it feels we're sinking
Like a mastodon in a tar pit bind

Glaciers retreating so slow
Watch a tree grow up but
Never see the motion
Catastrophe is hum ho
But then you turn around and
Your village is no more

And now we search for saviours
Throw our lot in with the booby prize
We really should do better
Than zombies shuffling for brains and fries

Now Gaia stalks in slo mo
She gave us all we need and
We shit on her brow
We forget that we′re cargo
Some lost baggage on her
Trip through cosmic time

Could we be at our end here?
Is it time to let the cockroach shine?
And can't we know much quicker
That the clock's run down on this our time?

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