You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You?) Songtext
von Gladys Knight & The Pips

You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You?) Songtext

Well, well, well, well
Seems like it was only yesterday
When my mama told me don't fall in love
With the first guy that comes your way
He was handsome and nice
But I took her advice and passed him by
Years have passed and don't look
Like love's gonna give me a second try
Boy the look on your face tells me you understand
Could it be your love life's like mine
Needs a helping hand well, well
You need love like I do (don't you).

Boy I can tell by the way
You look when I'm looking at you
I know it ain't fit and proper
For a girl to talk this way
But I can't cope with this loneliness
Not one more doggone day
Everyday has been an uphill climb
Keeping my hopes a-float
Judging from your silence boy
You must be in the same boat
Ain't it true now
You need love like I do (don't you)
Boy I can tell by the way you look
When I'm looking at you
Well, well, well you need love
Like I do (don't you)

Boy it seems like I'm looking in the mirror
When I'm looking at you
I can't begin to tell
The many nights I sit home lonely
Come on and tell me boy
Has it ever happened to you
Boy I'm gonna tell you something
And believe me it ain't no joke
My love life is just like a sinking boat
I can understand a person being without money
But there sho' ain't no reason
For a person to be without love
Listen to me now
I'm a girl and you're a guy
So come on let's give love a try
Tell me lil' boy
You need love like I do (don't you)
I can tell by the way you look
When I'm looking at you
Boy finding true love is a dream
That everyone wants to come true
Boy can't you see it's up to us
To make this dream come true oh.

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