Clair Songtext
von Gilbert O’Sullivan

Clair Songtext

The moment I met you, I swear
I felt as if something, somewhere
Had happened to me
Which I couldn't see

And then, the moment I met you, again
I knew in my heart
That we were friends
It had to be so
It couldn't be no

But try as hard as I might do
I don't know why
You get to me in a way
I can't describe
Words mean so little
When you look up and smile
I don't care what people say
To me you're more than a child
Oh, Clair

If ever a moment so rare
Was captured for all to compare
That moment is you
In all that you do
But why in spite of our
Age difference do I cry
Each time I leave you
I feel I could die

Nothing means more to me
Than hearing you say
I'm going to marry you
Will you marry me, Uncle Ray?
Oh, Clair

I've told you before
Don't you dare
Get back into bed
Can't you see that it's late
No you can't have a drink
Oh all right then
But wait just a minute
While I, in an effort to babysit
Catch up on my breath
What there is left of it
You can be murder
At this hour of the day
But in the morning the sun
Will see my lifetime away
Oh, Clair
Oh, Clair

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