Communist Eyes Songtext
von Germs

Communist Eyes Songtext

I'm looking through Communist eyes
I'm seeing planes in bloodshot skies
I see the flag of a working people
Who conceal the lies in the stars and sickle
It's a double edge
Communist eyes-- c'mon inside
I can't ever find the way out
Communist eyes-- lost inside
I never get a day out

I'm looking through communist eyes
All I see is an old man's alibi
There's a world outside but I'm unaware
I open my books but the pages stare
It's a double edge

Communist eyes-- all so blind
I can't even play the game now

I'm living through Communist times
I wave my flag and hold my head high
I can feel the glory of my comrades in masses
But I'm waiting for the day when this madness passes
It's a double edge...

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