Shake It Off Songtext
von Gary Valenciano

Shake It Off Songtext

Look around what do you find
People all looking foe peace of mind
Where they? re looking, do you think they? ll ever find
They? re looking for
When they want some more
Let me take you on a funky ride
So you can see with your eyes
What the world? s gotta give
And how you gotta be
How you gotta walk the talk for all to see

No need to look further
Exposed yet kept undercover
Deceived to believe they? ve got it all together
Then boom, the means to fulfill
The dreams have vanished
It? s famished
It? s setback, step back
Goin? all the way back

[Chorus 1]
When you? re out on the floor
Just get down n? get movin?
Across the floor and shake it off
I say, shake it off

[Chorus 2]
Shake it
Shake it off
And shake
And shake it off
And shake, shake, shake it off
And shake, shake it off

Ooh, it? s a mindset
Strap yourself in
Ready for the roller coaster ride
Getting you on the other side
Ready to see the broad horizon
Where the sun will rise and
You can go against the flow
And be one of those who? s in the know
Of the truth in the word that says to you
Let go of the extra cargo
Time to get up and grow, bro
Stand up, stand firm, stand strong
Don? t sit out and wait too long
Watch out now, the enemy is like
A lion waiting for the opportunity to lie

[Repeat Chorus 1 & 2]
[Repeat Chorus]

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