You Are Songtext
von G Tom Mac

You Are Songtext

You are the song that never played
A lyric unafraid to be who you are
You are the sight to what is blind
The hardest truth to find that's what you are

There are crimes that leave us empty when you love
Times when life's redemption's not enough
As if there was somebody watching over me
As faithless as I am it's clear to see

You're made of light and brave as Joan Of Arc
Chase away my dreaming in the dark
Tell me I will find the child I was
In what you are

You are the wave that comes along
The one after the storm that's what you are
You are the one without fear
As you dry my falling tears you know who you are

In this scared and cut-off world can we belong
As I question what is pure & where it's gone
In my final hour of loosing everything
As haunted as I am I find meaning

Made of light and brave as Joan Of Arc
Chase away my unforgiving heart
Tell me I will find the child I was
As you go waking up the eyes that sleep alone
Breaking down a soul made out of stone
If only I deserved to have all of what you are

You are the hardest truth defined that's what you are

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