Wish You Well Songtext
von G Tom Mac

Wish You Well Songtext

All of that guilt that you lived with so long
So many creeps and all of them wrong
Then there was me trying to save ya from you
All good intentions eventually lose

I come and visit you now and again
Depending on the state that you're in
It's not easy when it comes to respect
Damn that's something you just don't get

Still I wish you well
Go on and live to tell the story how I made it hell
And you know damn well I adored ya

Yeah just when I thought I really got through
I didn't know what everybody knew
You had a way with your crazy drama
I bought it even when you went too far

Some say I oughta get even
I believe that my own redemption

Is to wish you well
'Cos I know the hell that you've been through so well
What's the use in yelling at ya?

Yeah one day you'll learn it's not all about you
That's when you'll learn what forgiveness is too
I don't need, I don't need you all pissed off at me
Still I wish and I wish that you get what you need
Still I wish you well

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