Finger On the Trigger Songtext
von Futuristic

Finger On the Trigger Songtext

what if niggas really want me gone for good(gone for good)
it wouldnt be that hard ever day i tell the world every single place we are
ive been tryin to be a star but the hate come wit it they dont get it
ima do it to myself before everybody everybody else
i swear to God that im ready for this shit to be finished
but would anybody care, would anybody care would any cry
any body do the same would anybody die a little bit inside
ive been thinking in my mind
everything is for a reason, thats what they say about Jesus i dont believe it
because the people that i need the most always end up leaving
and these incertiantys been erkin me this love i had is gone
i hate the life im living im wishin i could move on
im everything that i hated im everything that is wrong
and i dont know if ima be here by the time u here this song
and it all falls down, and it all falls down
and i hate this town and i remember rejection
and it made its rounds and i hate the sond of you fucking voice
because it haunts my dreams and i just cant sleep and it not my
and i just cant breath every time u speek and i lie to her
and i say its love and at one time it was, now things have changes
and im all about me whatever happend to us because we dont seem close i ant close to my folkes ant close to my bro but im close to these hoes, they come and go
im all alone
i got my finger on the trigger
im ready to die
got my fingger on the trigger
cause i got nothiing inside
u dont really know what u did to me

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