The Last Destroyer Songtext
von From Plan to Progress

The Last Destroyer Songtext

A letter recieved from his brother in uniform
That he′d been waiting on for three long years
While he was fighting at sea
There was nothing he forgot to mention
The words so clear and concise
Would it all be different if he'd known it′s the last time
This is a story, a dying wish fulfilled.
You can't evade what we've been thinking of
And sprinkle your fairy dust
Laying capret over the top instead of sweeping it up

We can all still learn to trust
Under the shadow of those defining moments left in the wake of the search.
HMS Aldenham sank in the morning of December 44
News was he was lost to the sea
The words he wrote never forgotten
So clear and concise "look after I for me"
Now we know it was the last time
Sometimes when disaster strikes
You could never imagine that things would turn out right
Never forgotten.

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