Think About It Songtext
von Freestyle Professors

Think About It Songtext

Here i come right now
Hoping I'll get to the top and take the crown
I just survived somethin that took you down
Meaning when it came to me i just went out
Best decision of the ground
"Just look out"
When the brothers came to me i always made lies
Tell em that I'm busy when I'm just not
They should learn before they come there's just knock knock
Respect is shared through the block
They've been out there and I've always beeh here.
My goal is keep all homies in deep fear.
They said they'd come drive by by Fri July
Now they all out there just working on their lives
I made some choises they're all kinda bad
As long as i will always be too rad
My homies tuning into Views
Wont you take your time and hear how a ripper blues
Think about it
The time we spent
The thoughs we shared my homie
Think about it
We came outta hell
We drove outta jail my homie
Think about it
The time we spent
The thoghts we shared my homie
Think about it
Think about it

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