Angela Songtext
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Angela Songtext

Daylight, i dream of you softly
I wrote you a letter that will never reach you
In Montreal, the days are much colder there
Now you grow older there, without me
On the lookout, baby won't you look out?
A car full of raccoons, i think that i'm crazy
And downtown, the bar lights illuminate
Lost in a cityscape where i try to find you

You walk like a miracle, bathing in starlight
Your voice burning holes in the frame
I danced in the parking lot, cried in the taxi home
Cause i still remembered your name

And oh, i'm not in love anymore, anymore
But i will keep you close to me forever

Moonlight, i dream of you endlessly
Drowning in reverie, waiting for morning
Dim light, i'm drunk at the bar again
Holding a stranger's hand, a crowd with no faces

And there you are, beautiful just like the first time
You reach out, i'm shaking again
You're gone in a moment, you leave me alone
But i swear you were real in my hands

And oh, i'm not in love anymore, anymore
But i will keep you close to me forever

I know these words might mean nothing now
While i'm stuck in this ghost town
Your softness still haunts me
Someday i'll find my way out of here
If you don't change your mind, my dear
I'll take you with me.

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