Hymn Songtext
von Fleurie

Hymn Songtext

Somewhere high up in the air there
I had long forgotten I belong to you
Some unconscious stream of twisted logic
Caught me in its whirlwind, left me black and blue
I was senseless, battered and defenseless
Rain became relentless, leaving barren skies
I was broken, all I left unspoken
Left me torn wide open, barely still alive
Found your letter sealed away in storage
Under my pretenses, buried out of view
I recalled it hidden in a notebook
Tattered, ruffled pages old but good as new

I was listless, how could I have missed this?
If you are the groundswell, I'm tossed in your tide
I was certain if I'd seen it comin'
I'd have started running back at the starting line
Well I faltered, left you at the altar
Offering my apologies and my gratitude
Now there's a sinking feeling in my chest
You're gonna love me less when I return to you
But you were never one to keep a record
One to hold against me all I failed to prove
I've been tethered, floating like a feather
Anxious in my roaming, stranded on the move

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