Dragons in the Sunset Songtext
von Fire + Ice

Dragons in the Sunset Songtext

Dragons in the sunset
Upon the darkened sea
Sailing through the mists of time
Calling unto me
Ghost ship black and gleaming
Lindens shining bright
Ancient kinsmen call my name
Far off in the night

My heart it stood restless
And I knew not why
Memory's spark was there
A twinkling of the eye
I heard the thunder and saw the flash
The stormy sky did speak
A voice whispered to my soul:
You are not of the meek

Ways of the eastern stranger
Are not yours to bear
You have heard the raven speak
And seen the eagle's stare
Battle's pain and skald's words
Horn of flowing mead
Steps along the lonely path
Where waits the eight-legged steed

Then I came unto a place
Of trees and running streams
There I saw heaven's sign
A wheel that did gleam
Reality, then I knew
I had found my kin
Now I sail to that great hall
Upon the fleeting wind

Dragons sailing on the breeze
Black and gleaming beam
The hand upon the steering-board
Has set my spirit free
Lost no more to time and place
For I have seen the land
I have heard the Valkyrie's song
And I've touched Odin's hand

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