The Show Must Go On, Part 2 Songtext
von Famous Last Words

The Show Must Go On, Part 2 Songtext

There's no escape, from this place
But somehow you unlocked all the chains
Paralyzed in authentic fear
Cause I'm insane, and I'm deranged
You mustn't share twisted affairs, with all your peers
So I'll push you down the stairs
And I'll hide you down in the dark for years!

This Cannot be, it must be a dream
More like a corrupted nightmare
Can't bare this harsh reality
This can't be the end of my story
She's my only destiny
Can't be the end of my story
We must create, our own fate
I took her life, now it's too late.

This Darkness
Has overcome your common sense
Be honest
Impulsive actions made a mess
This darkness
Like a fire burning red
So vicious
A heartless monster not a man

I watched their lust, it sparked alive
And it tore me up inside
I will admit I'm terrified,
Let jealousy serve as my guide
I can't reside, I can't abide
Can't live my life caught in this lie
So I must die, goodbye goodnight!

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