Don’t Worry Baby Songtext
von Fake Problems

Don’t Worry Baby Songtext

Late last night I woke up to the sound of demons in my head
They must have risen up from hell and hid underneath my bed
As soon as I laid myself to rest
Crawled into my brain
They're trying to drive me insane

But don't worry baby
I am holding on to the hope you give me when I'm home

So I complied with the demons and ripped my mouth off of my face
They said that thing is good for nothing
We got the food that you can taste
Son just sit here tightly we'll return in a few days
Do exactly as I say

Don't you ever resort to the fool that that they've made you
We know you have nightmares every night
Why don't you give up? Come on and give up
We've picked a better life for you

But don't worry baby
I am holding on to the hope you give me when I'm home
Yeah don't worry baby
I won't let them take me
I know for a fact that they are wrong

Now it seems like so long ago but it was just yesterday
I was cursing everything I love
Throwing it away
Now the demons have left me and I gotta say
I don't feel so insane

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