Summoning the Splendour Once Fallen Songtext
von Evilfeast

Summoning the Splendour Once Fallen Songtext

All empires fell with crafts that seemed eternal
Silent testimonies of permanent elapse
Some walls shattered by adverse mights
Some mounts imperceptibly festered into dust
The time avoids depicting the line
It journeys incessantly over interfering circles
None spirit enfolds its flowing
Due to immense radius spread
A glance aback reveals
It brought us into aeon ghastly plain
The verge of timely dimension
A gallery of overpast lords
That left in fulminatory roar
Or departed in dismal groans
Environed by world order
Of inverted power′s hierarchy
The odds obliterated between eulogy and disgrace
Dwelling in the oblivious void
Yet shall we recover the strength
To re-establish the exact image
And put it into the recent frame
Mouldered is the principle of kingdom lost
Pride and honor they attempted to bury
Will disengage form damnation claws
And recrucify the pitiful idols
To let the streams of hatred efface the sacrosanct offal
Each empire must fall thus I behold the arisen
From behind the nearest void's bend
The splendour once fallen...

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