No Dog Songtext
von Esben and the Witch

No Dog Songtext

With an arch of the neck and the bristling of fur,
I'll cling to the earth with a footing that's sure.
With sinewy limbs, pounding the ground,
By the scruff of your neck, I'll hold you for hours.

As brutes in a brawl, in an exchange of blows,
I'll spring for your throat, break open your bones.
With a punishing jaw, that's eager to grip,
Baring teeth that are starting to drip.

And I've fire in my heart and it's dogged and pure,
Just waiting to leap, to wrestle in dirt.
Is your steel true? Have you an iron will?
Have you mastered the laws that nature has built?

Because I am no man, but I am alive
And I am no dog, I am a wolf.

I! Am! No! Dog! I! Am! A! Wolf!
I! Am! No! Dog! I! Am! A! Wolf!

No dog can make me lose my footing.

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