Peace Is Sought by War Songtext
von Elwood cromwell

Peace Is Sought by War Songtext

"Yo man, hold it right there
What you doing on are turf punk?

Got a message for Smokey
Give it!

You Smokey man?
Give it!

If you ain't Smokey it ain't your Motha Fucking message"
"Mutha Fucka I said give me the message…Burn him!

It's me and you motha fucka just me and you,
I'll put trademarks around ya fucking eyes!"

Seven figure pay-outs blue prints is laid out
New endeavors for more cheddar then we skate out

Heist of the century make sure the world remember me
El – W- double O – D write in calligraphy

Elwood Cromwell in the place to be
On your mark get ready for a skilled mc

Take my time when I rhyme this here's for practice
When I plug up the mic they say my flows is savage

For every other beat that I drop that's pure madness
For this album that I got right here that's straight classic

For all those that hated on me and couldn't mask it
This a dedication that's been mixed and mastered

For you to hear me clearly fa show you gonna feel me
Wit a squad like mine leave more than fond memories

For you to hold onto I'm live with my crew
Televised worldwide yeah I thought you knew…

When it's wartime ….Wartime

You don't really want no war
That ain't what you looking for

You don't really want no war
You ain't hardcore…

Elwood Cromwell yeah I be the blame
For spitting flow like this yeah it's pure flame

Shitting on competition throwing dirt on my name
Like I wouldn't react come back and show you some thangs

First thang it was never about the fame
I did it for respect on the set what set you claim

When you're on your way up some folk feel disdain
And every move you make you gotta to try to explain

It's survival of the fittest chasing the gravy train
So many parts to be played it all seems the same

One slip up and everything quickly change
Seen it happen too often career go up in flames.

It's such a shame how it all seems to go
One minute be winning next minute you don't know

Ya next move… never planning to lose
Too busy chasing dreams now what can you do

When it's wartime ….Wartime

You don't really want no war
That ain't what you looking for

You don't really want no war
You ain't hardcore…

The struggle to real for some yeah I'm hard to shake off
Grinding with these rhymes that I kick you take another loss

We ain't the same we roll in two different lanes
I'm taking the high road you riding the quarter train

I'm thinking long range the struggle hustle the pain
The fortune and fame the name of the game

Another link in the chain adding on
When my mind starts to brainstorm

Shaking the earth with each verse that I bring on
On every topic watch how I drop it so smooth

This is what I was born to do I can't lose
It's like I've been preprogrammed just to run shit

And now you on the sideline waiting to forfeit
In this exhibition it's the king of the jungle

Better pay attention see I was born to rumble
You don't really want that trouble in ya life think twice

There's so many times that I can only be nice
Trying to be polite but that don't always work

The evil side kick in becoming such a jerk
Speak what I feel who cares whose feelings hurt

Represent the real
Until I leave this earth…

When it's wartime ….Wartime

You don't really want no war
That ain't what you looking for

You don't really want no war
You ain't hardcore…

"And there you have it
Just a little something to let yawl know this ai'nt a game

It's all or nothing…hate it or love it … it is what it is now
Thangs will never be the same… so bow down!"

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