Nevermore Songtext
von Elizium

Nevermore Songtext

I know nothing lasts forever
There is an end to everything
As I gaze over the land
Wondering what death will bring

The final crop is ruined
The earth is winding down

Forrests burned to ashes
Blowing in the wind
Seas have turned to deserts
Like the earth has sinned

I still remember
The day you died
The first one to say this world goodbye
Alone I will walk now
Watch the fires burn
Life as I knew it
Will never return

Nevermore the rain will fall
The clouds have shed their tears
And left the sky

Nevermore will the mountains grow
They cracked and crumbled
And turned to dust

Life is now outnumbered
Death is all around
The earth is veiled in silence
No whisper not a sound
Today will be the last day
The last one of all time

No more procreation
The children are stillborn
Midday turned to darkness
All hope is now forlorn

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