Who the Fuck Are You Songtext
von Ektomorf

Who the Fuck Are You Songtext

You are a fuck face
And you stand in my way
You gotta learn a lesson now
I don't need you to lecture me
Cause I know how to live my life

Who the fuck are you

You're just a piece of shit
And I hate you
You are just a ignorant dick
You criticize others and my life
And your life is full of shit

Who the fuck are you

And you come to me and tell me alI your bullshit
With all you say you make fucking sick
Your prejudice is built on your weakness
You are vain pathetic and dumb

I want to hurt you
And see you go down
I will help you to find a way
To get out of my life
And never come back again

Who the fuck are you

I don't know you
Fuck you

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