April and May Songtext
von Eggstone

April and May Songtext

April and may
Every day in bloom
Monday catch your eyes and
Sunday on the phone
We're only surfing
And the waves that we miss gives us time to kiss
Of course the wind is in charge of this

Solving every mystery
I want to know you're history

June and july
We do the things we do and I feel fine
And I start to wonder why

August is brief
I see you once a week if there is nothing else
Now every moment has an end

We pretend
That we are unaware but we're fooling fools
Something's dwindling inside us two
When our day-dreams alter
Into tepid water
End of november
I forgot your birthday but you didn't care
And that's the end of this affair
April and june
Kimberly and jane
Sarah and may

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