Nothing Else Songtext
von Edie Carey

Nothing Else Songtext

There's plastic on your
Living room furniture
Then there's that brand new black sports car you never drive
You say I make love look easy and that's cause it is
When you get down to it there's really nothing else

You got that shiny red heart
In your chest
Your little boy intentions are
Laced with gold
But what's the use of that big heart if you can't make it go?
It may look so pretty but there's really nothing else

Make it go
Make it go
Make it go

I don't know where to put you
So I think I'll find a soft place and I'll set you down
I think I'm done carrying this weight
That's me and you
It's not what I want to do
But there's really nothing else

Letting go of you is like pullling off a bandage
Of an old wound that healed so long ago
You better make it quick
Cuz these things tend to stick (yeah, they do)
It'll hurt for a moment
Then you'll feel nothing else

Make it go
Make it go
Make it go
Make it go
Make it go

Maybe I'm ready to love
Something real
Something that might even
Talk back
Music has the ability to heal me
It even takes away pain
But something tells me I need more than that

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