Seattlehead Songtext
von Duff McKagan’s Loaded

Seattlehead Songtext

When I was a young, I had a dream
movin' to the city sight unseen
19 years of age I'm packing my bags
Hollywood was all the rage

I came to you in 1984
You showed me in, then you shut the door
It didn't take me long to learn to play the game
A kick in the head always feels the same

Los Angeles, you're a fuckin whore
Hollywood, you're an open sore

I played it well, and I played it fast
Livin' slow was in the past
Chicks and drugs and gettin' burnt
Just a few of the things I 'learnt'
Got sick and tired of bein' scared as hell
A wasted man, just a shell of myself
But that was then, and this is now
My pretty baby, I've changed somehow

Los angeles, you've lost you're grip
Drugs and lies and whores suckin dick

I don't know if I could do things differently
L.A.'s had me for so long
When I look I can see things differently
What doesn't kill me makes me strong

Los Angeles, I didn't sell my soul to you
Los Angeles, you thought you would kill me
You thought you could take me down
Fuck that, power to me

Sometimes it goes like this
A kick in the head

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