Respect Me Songtext
von Dizzee Rascal

Respect Me Songtext

you people respect me, if it kills you x4

you people respect me, if it kills you x4

do it how they didn't wanna do it now they wanna try and do it but I'm tellin them no
im in a predicament with imitators wanna take my style and have a bit of my flow
all this copy cattin on my lyrics that there chattin betta stop before the gunshot's blow
do you really want it coz I really wanna give it if you do just let me know
and I show arrogance and elegance
but no tolerance for nonsense
I bring violence im a nuisance
killer M-C leave no evidence
ive got brains and intelligence
but no conscience no innocence
we roll in the darkened silence
represent us in any residence
and I swing for your chin with no hesitense
imma captain ya betta bring your regiments
and your a failure dont have no relevence
imma champion, winner and a victor prick ya
so not ready so til ya see ya soul
headed for the golden gates
no really you monkeys are playin with apes
not guerilla warfare it's the coppers I carry this stick for
plus ive had enough of these
lil cheap comments from fake M-C's
bad minders and skat ladies
talkin about how it used to be
well it's a brand new day
so leave me be
I dont need you so dont need me
your opinion don't interest me
dont like me thats fine by me
coz from holly street ta hollywood its all good
from new york ta york hall its all cool
your a fool if ya think i'm gonna cease
now honestly could there really be peace
it dont seem that way to tough
stop with the games I play to rough
must be smokin to much puff
divert or be deceased
u.k rapper stabbed in napa
cause of gossip cause of chatter
he's still breathin he's still a dapper
retaliate with gun clapper
truthfully I can't see very well
dont flatter your self your any girl
them boy's shoulda sent me ta hell
now prepare for the beast

you people gonna respect me
better make you respect me x4

you people are gonna respect me if it kills you x2
(alright two I swear)

ey yo endless speculation im facin
constant controversial relations
to gun crime at garage events
with so many claims and no evidence
suggesting im the reason
for the UK gun clap season
im legal may I stress
to the fool for the sake of
strident intelligence
go ahead check my files all day
bit of criminal damage and T-D-A
might be a little bit of violent disorder
but I aint never been locked away
got some mates that have been convicted
yer so what it's the hand life dealt them
we werent blessed with the systems T-L-C
government shoulda tried ta help them
been a law breaker aint tryna hide it
as for the sentence aint tryna ride it
stop that so I could do this
im legit ya may as well kiss my
A-S-S P-L-E-A-S-E im L-E-G-I-T
you ain't got nothin on me
but to the pricks who think im slack-in
please dont ever be fooled im pack-in
this is a welcome and its a warning
please dont ever just think im rappin
you know the score im raw from day
still dylan the villain from around the way
feel free to quote anything I say
please dont ever just think im chattin

people gonna respect me
I better make you respect me x4

you people gonna respect me if it kills you x3

I know what your thinkin it's gone to far now innit
fuck it
if I dont speak whos gonna speak for me
stand up for myself in this shit
so fuck you
cant be, never have been, wont be a prick
yer thats it

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