Dimmu Borgir Songtext
von Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir Songtext

Forces of the northern light, assemble
Forces of the northern night, call to arms
Summoned by the secrets of sacrifice

Dimmu Borgir

Meeting destiny on the road
We took to avoid it
As we only compete with ourselves
Left is that of a confident union

Dimmu Borgir

What bridge to cross
And what bridge to burn
Deceit is everywhere you turn
We weed out the weak and their weep

Dimmu Borgir

Evolving compulsively
Behaving inconsistently
Yet the pulse is pounding
Restoration is the name
For those who are left in the game
Invocation in the name of our flame

Dimmu Borgir
The deviants seek but one place
Dimmu Borgir
Forward onward march

Forgive, we shall not
Forget, we shall not
With trickery and treat
Enemies will face defeat

No place for dreamers
As our formation is lava
Fire is with or against you
And so it burns, so it burns

Constant retribution calling
From the shadows of three consecutive sixes
Merging with the cold dark vacuum
Talent is worthless unless exercised

When the world is turning
You′ll find your true nature
When the first is last and the last is first
You'll be where you choose to be
You′ll be where you choose to be

Forgive, we shall not
Forget, we shall not
Fire is with or against you
And so it burns

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