Desecrate the Crucifix Songtext
von Devangelic

Desecrate the Crucifix Songtext

Christ was born to be forgotten and condmened
Forever scars the soul of the king of morality
Banished from this earth to the Golgotha
Redemption denied ...

Stench of divine impurity through the parallels of terror
Disembodiment unhallowed, bleeding flesh and gruesome bones

Not to sin with the throat, thought of incapacity
Lepers sorround you, rotting with disgust

Pounded into obedience for a false doctrine
I mock his creation
Predicated scriptures through falsity

The Beast speaks the truth: ". His existence was a mistake"
Eucharistic sacrilage leads to perversion
To deliver the oppressed from sufferance to iniquity

Your kingdom created above the infamy
Exhuming the remains from the unholy tomb
Three are the burning crosses of the sinners
The body of Christ now begins to decompose

Innards of angels hang upon the cross
With the blood of those who believed
A feast of sacred dismemberment
Worms consume the flesh of the impaled

Indomitable blasphemers from shattered grave
Devouring the entrails of Christ
Crushing their Savior, desecrate the crucifix
Blood flows through this burned wood

Face the lord of the burning ground
Destroyer of the faith through your severe cruelty
Preachers of the unreal Bible

watching Christ nailed to the cross
Incite dismantling of his kingdom of lies
Enthronement is mine ... to the crucifix
You're the one who lives in deception

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