Oh, Cheri Songtext
von Defiance, Ohio

Oh, Cheri Songtext

It April, the sun wasn't out
People were working and when they got out, they heard

It was unfortunate and it was unplanned
Too simple to misunderstand
She put signs up in the windows that we passed

I'm sure you shot first, but how did it feel to shoot second
Tragedies converged and deaths did collide on that night
Cops all around your house surrounded by mounds of reminders that you threw out the window
Jumping the gun they refused and ignored to your door with the authority to do so

Oh Cheri, oh Cheri no more
I got a tiny little knock on my door
Except when you opened that door you had a [something] and no where to go
You were confused with all the things that you hated
They said you needed [to be] medicated

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