Fall Songtext

Fall Songtext

Save a life Fall apart
On the floor I would Fall
When you made me afraid of the Moon
Look inside Close your eyes
You're a star on the rise
And I thought you had nothing to lose

Analyzed deep inside
Like a fly on the wall
When I saw what was left of me
Analyze one more time
A heart broken in two
The person at fault was you

Don't come back
Don't come back

Stay stay away
Stay away from here
I'll close my eyes
And hope you disappear
You was in my mind
I had to rid of you no other way
Kept on coming back
And you would string me like a puppeteer

Wait wait wait
My feelings not contained
Every thought of you
I just keep throwing up your name
Every single apology
Always felt the same
You only cared about yourself
You never felt real pain

Read between the lines
And now you're fucking with my friends
I don't give a shit
I wish them all the fucking best, death
Who do I still call friend?

You should have known
It was a dead end to know me
When my feelings get lost
Then I start to get lonely
Only so slowly to relieve and proceed
The phony will show me
Don't owe me don't know me

Don't come back
Don't come back

Don't come back
Don't come back

Don't come back
Don't come back

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