Glorious Day Songtext
von David Jordan

Glorious Day Songtext

Stop cause we're speeding to fast
No we can't be found on this merry-go (Round, Round),
Round the table we sat and counselled about the
Problems we had
Never want to let all my imaginations run away with me
You know that I can't help the way I feel
You know whatever you want you can have it, if I got it
It's all yours girl
(Time will tell)
Don't ever go from by my side, we can fight the world
Whatever it throws at us (Hold on to what you know
Wake up lying in my bed, roses around my head,
Holding you one glorious day
Trapped cause I can't speak my mind, lying to myself
I'm travelling blind (Blind, blind)
Caught up in the middle of a self obsessed puzzle
And there is no way that I'm breaking up
So I go and let all my imaginations run away with me
Holding on to what could never be
Reality don't get a hold of me
Don't take my conscience girl Don't take my fantasy
I could never say goodbye cause I'm for you and you for I
After all this time the truth is hard to find (Truth keeps
Running and hiding)
And it never shows it's face (How long can we keep up
The fighting)
And then brush aside the truth between the lines

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