I Will Songtext
von Danny Brown

I Will Songtext

Put a cup up, put a four up in it
Sixes on that Chevy with some hoes in it
What he won't do. bitch, I will

[Verse 1]
Take it off baby bend over let me see it
You looking for a real pussy eater? I can be it
Quit playing with me girl and bring that over here
And climb aboard my face, put that pussy on my beard
I ain't tryna take you shopping, buy your ass no shoes
I'm just tryna lick that clit while I'm looking up at you
No shame in my game, girl look back at me
I don't give a fuck if it's shaved or it's nappy
Long as it ain't nasty sanitation smelling
One whiff of that bitch, I'mma be bailing
If it's smelling sweet, I'ma lick it for a hour
And even it's sour I might lick it in the shower
I go dumb and ignorant when I'm on that clitoris
Lick your ass delirious, my tongue game so damn serious
So bend that ass over let me eat it from the back
That pussy so good have a nigga coming back


[Verse 2]
Oh, that nigga scared let me show you what it's 'bout
Spread apart the lips, put that clit up in my mouth
And that thang so juicy, I'mma call it jamba
Licking it in circles got me calling me your papa
Tongue going faster singing La Labamba
Tryna keep my rhythm like the bongos in samba
I'm a pussy monster, blowing on that ganja
After I finish look like you was in a sauna
Toes curling up while you grabbing on the sheets
Spitting on that pussy real sloppy when I eat
Slobbing on that pussy after that I don't cuddle
I put that dick up on her make her sleep up in the puddle
Bitch I ain't afraid, I eat it up in public
Feet on the windshield broad day fuck it
69 in hotels with the lights on
Tongue worth a million I don't need ice on

Put a cup up, put a four in it
Sixes on that Chevy with some hoes in it
Them hoes playing, they don't wanna fuck
I'mma put they ass out they gone be walking, bruh
And I'm swagged up I'm off a pill
Could fuck you for an hour cause I can't feel

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