I'll Be There for You Songtext
von Daniel Schuhmacher

I'll Be There for You Songtext

You knocked me out
I′m on the floor
But I'm to blame
I knew the score
I came in here
With open eyes
But I was blinded
By the prize
You wore me down
You took me out
My heart belongs to you
When nothing feels right
When everything fails
When theres nowhere to turn
I′ll be there for you
With all of my heart
With all of my soul
I will do what it takes
I'll be there for you
Wanna know
Who you are
What you feel and
What you're dreaming
So this is it
No turnin back
I made a choice
I had to act
Cause you′re the one
I can′t deny
And everyting I'll ever do
You′re the reason why
I wanna taste
I wanna feel
I wanna wake up
To you breathing

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