Left to Rot Songtext
von D.A.M.

Left to Rot Songtext


Accused of crimes not comitted,
Sentenced to life in hell.
Dragged down to your knees,
Slammed into a cell.
No one listened to the truth,
A killer in their dreams.
Accused, condemned, sentenced to death,
No one can hear the screams.

Left to rot in this hell,
Upon my thoughts I do dwell.
Innocent and then betrayed,
Left to rot.

Alone in my pit of sin,
Trapped inside my hate.
Crawling round my inner world,
In darkness I will wait.
No justice given, sentence passed,
Will they ever see.
Devils chant inside my head,
Taking life from me.

Repeat SOLO Elly

Life, death, eternity,
Encased in this metal cage.
Pleading for my sanity,
Empty thoughts cloud my days.
My prison starts to become my home,
The rats and lice my only friends.
Smells and textures, all are known,
A rotting carcass ′til the end.

Repeat SOLO John

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