Human Wreckage Songtext
von D.A.M.

Human Wreckage Songtext


They′re lying in the gutter, just look at the state.
These are the people, that decide their own fate.
Injecting thier veins 'cos they′ve no hope,
Without their hit they just can't cope.
They're out of their minds out of their heads,
If they keep on giong they′ll wind up dead.
You′re breaking the rules, you're all just fools.
Everyone′s an addict, you've gotta kick the habit.

Come on, get up, get on your feet.
You′re wasting your life out there on the street.
You know it's true, you know what to do.
Live your life and you′ll get through.

Wheeling & dealing, can't you see it's a sin.
Pumping, pushing, injecting, slide the needle in.
You crave for something that′s ruling your life,
Possessing your body, ending in strife.
You can′t live without it, must get some quick.
Killing yourself, can't you see that you′re sick.
You're on your own, you can′t cope.
You're fading away, there′s just no hope.

Repeat SOLO Elly

Shoot it up & crash, ride the line, you'll burn.

Repeat You're out of your minds, you′re out of your heads.
Abusing yourself, you′ll wind up dead.
You wouldn't listen, thought you were right,
Pumping your body with all that shite,
We tried to help but you knew best.
You thought you were above the rest.
You′re breaking the rules, you're all just fools.
You′re fading away, you're no hope.
Die, die, die, die, die!!!!

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