Appointment With Fear Songtext
von D.A.M.

Appointment With Fear Songtext

Next door neighbour family man
Out of the blue with gun in hand
Can′t forget the look in his eyes
Can't someone tell me why
Not even mother could understand
Stood there with gun in hand
They say a friend in need
Must be a friend in deed

No motive to this bloody day
No reason for the foul play
Betrayed the trust of your family
Through your eyes only you can see
Is it a question of hate?
For this long you did wait
Silent rage deep inside
All built up feelings hide

The strangest feeling when I woke today
Something will happen but I can′t say

Friends: No time to runaway
No - No: Your lives will end today
Friends: Your end is drawing near
It's your appointment with fear

Strangest feeling churned inside
As I turned and looked in his eyes
Trigger happy mad man loose
Visions of death come into view
Michael what have you done
Now you've nowhere to run
Now this choice you must make
End it now for God′s sake

(Note: The above is a true story.
No names have been changed
The guilty stand)

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