Bad Boy This Bad Boy That Songtext
von Da Band

Bad Boy This Bad Boy That Songtext

-Bad Boys′ Da Band-
'Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That′

Diddy-Bad Boy baby,(ooh)
We the last standin'
Check the record,(bad boy)
Check the score
Da band,(yeah)
The next generation of Bad Boy,(yeah)

Babs-yo Im back and I'm hittin em hard
Tits don′t sag,
I don′t need no push up bra,
Bitch you mad babs got a brand new car,
Droptop in the hood,
I'm a ghetto superstar
Breath, pop bottles and roll up weed
Babs strong off bitches like im hercules
You got a problem?
Come see the girl ill solve em
Big belly bitches we starve em,
Niggaz in the hood we rob em
Whenever they floss em and betta tuck in yo chain,
Bitch keep on walkin′,
You a thug? Why you keep on talkin?
Lets get it crackin,
Get a bitch stomped out in the club,
Ill make it happen,
I got this, diddy done let me out
Hot chicks spit sick when I open my mouth,
(All I hear is bad boy this and bad boy that)
Believe it, my hair now raised and I weave it,
(Cause bad boy beat you down wit a baseball bat)
Me runnin home, the fire we cease it

Elliot Ness-, niggaz say im a changed man since I made Da Band,
Nobody gave a dam, no one gave a hand,
Made man made Da Band, wave ya hands,
Rocks in the watch im thinkin bout to blaze Da Band,
Elliot Ness you know im here to save the land,
Dont try to lie, you see the liquor's what made you ram(whoo)
Go somewhere, and be maintenance man,
A janitor, dog don′t blame me,
Blame your manager,
Keep yo hands off my pockets nigga,
Franchise like I play for the Rockets nigga,
Who shot you? Biggie Smalls, Tupac you nigga,
Ready to die all eyes on the project nigga,
You start? I put something in yo biceps nigga,
I cant help it, im a violent nigga, sara stokes
(All I here is Bad Boy this, Bad Boy that)
You fuckin wit the wildest nigga
(Cause Bad Boy will beat you down wit a baseball bat)

Young City-Dress and go, hoppin off the G5 wagon,
G codin rees bozin, tees swaggin,
Runnin game on yo bitch, yo boys a pimp,
I need a bitch wit no type of common sense, that about it,
If you bought it throw it up,
I got fire if you ready to lite it, tow it up(sscch)
Now dats gangsta, don't make me spank of you,
Runnin that warnin how yo life′s in danger,
Ride wit the underworld that keep bangas,(bangers)
Niggaz that be off they frail and beef brangas,(bringers)
Picture a nigga tryin to carry me,
It wont happen, I wont let you niggaz wary me,
Im a stay thugged out til they bury me,
When they do, I cant wait to see you Barry B
(All I hear is Bad boy This, Bad Boy that)
Im a dirty south nigga from the dirty streets
(Cause Bad Boy will beat you down wit a baseball bat)
Get fuck, get buff, get the fuck off the streets

Miami-because half these dudes aint ever killed nothin
Im Fred you want em dead? Put some bullets in his coffin,
Lord forgive me but these niggaz is playin wit the boss man,
Y'all don't wanna get in the trunk,
You get in tossed then,
Tight if we tight and you bring yo cousin,
Man homeboy thats yo man, (lets go)
Man I got it all planned,
Diddy follow the game, (I′m here baby)
Im bad but not a boy I got a part of his name
I′m hungry, I see you slippin and its off wit the chain
Yo head, harder than wood,
Then saw yo brain, a done,
I mean what I say and I say what I mean,
I eat, shit and sleep,
Yeah I lay wit them theme,
Bad Boy were universal,(bad Boy)
So don't play wit the team(holla)
Bad Boy so don′t play wit the team(holla)
Bad Boy so don't play wit the team(holla)
Bad Boy so don′t play wit the team,(holla)(Lets Go)
Da Band,. Da band(Da band) Fire,(2003) Fire,
(Too hot for t.v) too hot to hold in the head for all of this time,
(Too hot to hold in the head for all of this time)
Ha, ha, ha, ha, and my man Diddy the throne,
So don't play wit the team

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