Smoking Loon Songtext
von D-Rell

Smoking Loon Songtext

I′m a man first is all I seem to hear
Which is why you rarely ever see me shed a tear
Fear is not something that I'm good at
The only thing really scares me is looking back
It′s easy to get lost in the rear view
Until you backseat and the driver says (Where to)
My final destination is the future
So people buckle up this ain't a ride that you use ta
We swerving potholes and running stop signs
All While tweaking the master plan in our off time
It's been to many times we′ve had close calls
With pride at the wheel bout to dose off
I′m gettin less patient with the circumstance
So we parted ways with pride he served his purpose fam
Now we changing scenes with a lighter load
I sense regret in the driver seat starting to fold
Now we passing gas stations
Skipping a needed step in our preparation
Separation seems to be taking hold
As we running out of gas on the open road
Fast forward we walked to the gas station
I can see regret thinking is it worth chasing
He opted to leave the journey in his past
Me and insecurity walked back with the gas
We walked back with the gas
We walked back with the gas

Now we sitting here stuck facing two choices
Do we keep pushing forward or lose focus
Hopeless is something I could never choose
In hard times I know 2 things stick and move
So with that said now I'm in the driver seat
Burning rubber guided by the fire that′s inside of me
My journey can end in a tragedy possibly
But I don't have a another plan honestly
So I′m giving everything that I have left
I refuse to settle for nothing less on this conquest
I've come to far for me to not finish
06 Michael Vick from the line of scrimmage
There′s nothing keeping me from my destination
Even insecurity with all his hesitation
I watched him fade from the car telling me
There's nothing keeping a soul from it's destiny
And these is just my shoes
Your heard an artist that got nothing to lose
And these is just my shoes
I′m signing off thanks for hearing my blues

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