Nomad Songtext
von D-Rell

Nomad Songtext

Let you into my story
So you can see what it′s like to be me for a day
August 28th 2015
That's when I left home to chase my big dreams
Missing home was never really my fear
Cuz we switched homes up every 5 years
I never really had a chance to get comfortable
Life was like good times
Mixed with the Huxtables
We had a lot of ups
And a lot of downs
But I always kept my head up in them different towns
I never had the chemistry
To build up real synergy
With anybody that really wasn′t a kin to me
I remember 12 years old down south
Wanting braids in my hair gold in my mouth
Little did I know that I would pledge this
That southern comfort put love around my rough edges

That was truly my first time tryna breath
Money and family bumped heads
So it's time to leave
15 years young we moved upstate
Me my mom and my sis to my uncle place
Now this where the story gets a little weird
Cuz family ties are not what they appear
I remember hearing my mother flipping out
At around 7:30 getting kicked out
Forced to travel cross town to my cousins
Lack of money so she kicked us out like it was nothing
We on a greyhound hoping Philly got the answers
By this time I view my family like a rare cancer
Starting to see winter is in my steps now
Cuz that word family was like a dead sound
By 16 I realized I'm a nomad
This was no longer a trend but a hurting fact
That my mom and my sister was the only pact
Cuz all we had was each other that′s a real fact
We came a long ways from being homeless
Living with family members for the moment
But lack of money and love made it go bad
This is just part of my story as a nomad

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