Strong Suspicion Songtext
von Curtis Salgado

Strong Suspicion Songtext

Strong Suspicion

I've gotta strong suspicion about you
I can't believe a single thing that you say or do
And if they call my house and I'm not home
You better drag the river for my bones
I gotta strong suspicion about you

Should'a known when I met you, down at the Dew Drop Inn
I asked if you were married, you said once never again
You said you were lookin' for a little thrill
Then you smiled just like a crocodile, movin' in for the kill

I've gotta strong suspicion ... etc.

When you said that you'ld be mine I think you lied – woah - a beautiful lie
When I asked if anyone could take my place
Then tell my why – woah – you couldn't look me in the face

This is not a movie, this is real TV
I think I just saw your face flashin' across the screen
They're talkin' about a woman out a the lamb
She's writin' bad checks, settin' up her old man

I've gotta strong suspicion ... etc.

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