Ring Telephone Ring Songtext
von Curtis Salgado

Ring Telephone Ring Songtext

Met her at the party of friend of mine
Said He didn't know her name
Well a girl that (?)
She serve every line
I'm gonna have to step from my game
So I took a deep breath
A hammer in my chest
A tongue tied up like a string

Ring telephone ring
Ring telephone ring
I wrote my number on the back of her hand
Her friend was a little uptight
She was smiling while I was writing
I must have said something right
So I'm anticipating I paced the floor awaiting
Wishing that you call tonight
C'mon ring telephone ring
Ring telephone ring

My phone started ringing and I can't believe
Your voice is on the end of the line
A dinner and a movie yeah
That sounded groovy
Things are gonna workout fine
When the telephone rang
My happiness began
I know she"s gonna end up mine

C'mon ring telephone ring
Ring telephone ring

Flowers in my hand
And I knocked on the door
Have her home before midnight
But daddy is no fool
He was once young too
Mother she raised me right
Well we fell in love that night
She's gonna be my wife
Love her till the end of time

Ring weddin' (wedding) bells ring
Ring weddin' bells ring
Ring weddin' bells ring
C'mon and ring weddin' bells ring

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