Bright Dead Star Songtext
von Current 93

Bright Dead Star Songtext

A hummingbird sings but soon comes
Bye bye blackbird, a harsh night
And I read in the tea leaves
And scan in the stars
Mark the trails of moths
The light shall leave you all

Excuse me, that voice that falls from stone
Perhaps it was the word saying a word
Speak that word whilst the sea falls
And moths swarm and clouds call
A light is leaving us all

Spring is coming, so they said
Spring is moving
In the whirlpools and the moon is as full
As the sea is as deep and in the clouds
The shadows creep and the light is leaving us all

Sweeping down like foxes
Who have heard in the dust
The news travels hard from heart to dark
Rumours of war hung softly and on their paws
Black rolls, the chariot
Over the plains and waves
The light is leaving us all

In other faces
The eyes twitch and switch
Back and forth, king fall, queen fall
Silence shouts
Shut lock, shut door, shut light out
Trees fall, a taste of your face
Our first kiss said
The light is leaving us all

Under which star shone that
You sang which sky is that
He sang and pointed north and south
I see you didn′t see
Bright dead star fallen
You looked east and west and
The birds sang so sweetly
The light is leaving us all

So suddenly nothing was you
Your hair so fair, I recall so well still
And then the light left you quite
I dreamt I lived on a hill
In that dream where the real
Is just dots on my lap
The light is leaving us all

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